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Witch Altar Runes Wicca Accessories Altar Rune Stones Witches Runes for Fortunetelling Stones Divination Set Rune Witch

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Bullet Points:
1、For Divination: A way to predict the future, from the mystical runic alphabets. The Wooden Runes Stone Set can add a wonderful mystical feeling to your space and stimulate your imagination.
2、The Oldest Rune: The oldest Elder Futhark Runes, the oldest known alphabet, consisting of 13 characters, contains numerous inscriptions from the runic series that already hint at the magical functions of the oracle pagan stones.
3、Package Included: The Wooden Rune Divination Game Set has 14 runic tablets: 13 runes with printed runic inscriptions + 1 blank rune. It also comes with a storage bag and instructions.
4、Connect with Your Intuition: You can use the power of the Norse runes and this very ancient magical divination alphabet to enhance your insight. Pull the Runes and let them guide you through your life, make decisions, solve your problems.
5、Give You Perfect Help: These Nordic Rune Stones solve your problems or frustrations or predict what might happen to you, perfect for complementing oracles, pendulums, crystal balls and tarot cards.
The Wooden Runes Stone Set can show a way to predict the future, from the mystical runic alphabets. Adding a wonderful mystical feeling to your space and stimulating your imagination.
Product Name: Witch Runes
Size: about 25*35*2mm/0.98*1.38*0.08inch
Storage Bag Size: about 10*12cm
Outter Box Size: about 8.5*10cm/3.35*3.94inch
Net Weight: 85g
Packing List:
13 * Runes of Lune
1 * Blank rune (anti-loss)
1 * Storage bag
1 * Instruction

Please allow slight tolerances in size due to manual measurement, and lighting in photography may result in a difference in color than in real life.