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Wild child oracle deck 40 Card Deck Indie oracle deck beautifully illustrated way to knowledge and healing tarot

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Travel version, pocket size. Small size of the original: 11.3x6.3cm Weight: about 140g

78 cards, no paper instructions. You can scan the QR code on the back of the box and go to the website to download the PDF electronic instructions. There is no paper instructions!

This is a beautifully illustrated 40-card deck that will help you find your way to knowledge and healing. The cards are painted with colors derived from the riches of the earth, flowers, minerals, crystals, and stones. It's a bridge between two realms through richly hued mediums.

The creator would like it to act as a conduit that helps connect you and the natural world; a place where wisdom and insight are abundant, but often overlooked in today's modern life.