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Serpentine Polished Point

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Healing Properties

Serpentine is a gemstone that possesses unusual healing powers and properties. Its likeness to a snake or a serpent is something that many people have been mistaken for. They thought that this stone brought dark omen, jinx, bad juju. However, this stone is one of the best in terms of its therapeutic properties. Learn more about its healing properties as you read along.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Practice it to aid you to seize to the root of anything that's bothering you. It's additionally the ideal gem to assist in healing your mind from relationship trials, regardless of the lack of loyalty, partner, or anyone you formerly accorded a connection with. It besides improves you to prepare your soul and unwind into relationships anew.

Serpentine is calming to the emotional essence, enabling you to clear your doubt of change and sorrow so that you can glance forward to tomorrow with energy and enthusiasm. It prompts you of the meaningful period that the environment has determined against the comparably brief time humankind has populated this world. This viewpoint can aid you to feel selfless and more ready to contribute experience and service according to what is necessary rather than concentrating only on individual intentions.

Serpentine alleviates mood changes and is soothing in events of sensitivity and anxiety. It preserves you from conflicting energy forces. This gem also supports women who are powerless to approach orgasm due to extreme pressure.