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Selenite Polished Charging plates! Approx 6-7 inches long

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Never Needs Charging!


Physical Healing Properties

Selenite spreads her wings across the physical plains along with the spiritual meaning that she is rich in beautiful body healing. Those who bring Selenite into their life will find that this stone brings a new flush of flexibility to your physical being. Selenite is said to help stack the spine into alignment and to correct or at least lend a hand when it comes to skeletal issues. Along with strengthening the skeletal system, the light bringing moods of Selenite also works to reverse free radical damage in cell structure and can keep your skin, hair, and eyes clear and bright and drenched in youthful dewy energy.


Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Sweeter than honey and milk, Selenite gets to work straight away with helping you to shed those anxieties and worries that can weigh down the heart. This is a stone that loves to be light, that wants to grow wings, and doesn’t desire any kind of anchor or ties from catastrophic thinking. To help free you from these tangled thoughts, Selenite first starts with helping you to unburden yourself by thinking with crystal-clear clarity. It helps you to become beautifully aware of your surroundings and lends impeccable judgement and healthy insight so that you can work carefully with your soul to make the right decisions. It’s a stone that invites you to be open and honest, pure, and liberated, and to bring forgiveness to situations that are no longer serving you. Selenite helps you to do that emotional work of letting go so that you are able to rise up in your fullest form of power.


Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical is where Selenite truly seems to shine and it is a stone that lives up to its name as being intricately angelic. Selenite is an amazing tool for shifting those energy blocks that stop you from living in your full and fluid flow. Working closely with the higher chakras like the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, Selenite keeps light and energy flowing so that you are cracked wide open and ever ready to receive the messages that the universe has to give. Of course, it comes as no surprise that Selenite starts its work on the Heart Chakra. Without the Heart Chakra being healthy and open, the energy cannot flow to those higher chakras. When our hearts are light and open, we are filled with compassion and love and we trust in those messages that may trickle down from higher places. Selenite is a sublime spirit guide and is also used for aura cleansing and as an essential tool in reiki. It is said to not only help you communicate with the angel realms but has also been used for diving into past lives, awakening psychic capabilities, releasing all kinds of unwanted entities, and helping you move into all kinds of different consciousnesses.


Zodiac Birthstone

Selenite is a sublime match for the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus are one of the earthlier signs in the sky and are known for their stoic behavior, their practical approach, and also – dare we say – their utter stubbornness at times. This is where Selenite can sweep in and lend a more heavenly approach to the star signs that seem to dig in their heels. Taureans could do with a little more lift and Selenite is the crystal to help them grow wings. With its remarkably peaceful nature and its dash of dreamy feminine energy, Selenite helps Taureans to balance out all that weighty masculine energy. Selenite brings peace to a rampant heart without cutting away from the Taureans sense of luxury, play, and creative awakening.