Rhodonite Semi Polished point and Clear Quartz cluster

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Beautiful! Perfect for healing!

Rhodonite helps you to understand your gifts. Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, and an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past. Rhodonite nurtures love. Rhodonite helps ward off negativity and brings a sense of self worth and well being. Rhodonite is known for unconditional love, it can facilitate inner growth, helps overall emotional balance, and can attract one's soul mate, or mend broken hearts.

Magical Powers:
~ Assists in foregiveness
~ promotes love energy
~ Supports emotional balance
~ Stimulates and heals the heart
~ Helps one to recognize and apply talents
~ Encourages calmness in stressful situations
~ Aids in understanding of dreams and visions
~ Helps emotional balance
~ Encourages brotherhood of humanity

Zodiac:Scorpio, Taurus

Element: Fire, Earth

Note:Sometimes Rhodonite is called the “rescue stone” it has been said to aid victims of sudden physical attacks recover more quickly and completely if one carries Rhodonite during the convalescence. Wounds or cuts are said to heal more quickly with less scarring if a stone is placed directly on the injury.

To dream of Rhodonite indicates stress or pain in one’s life that needs to be released.

Rhodonite has been designated by Massachusetts as the state’s official gemstone.

Mohs Hardness: 5.5 - 6

Location:Rhodonite can be found in Sweden, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

Chakras: Root (1st), Heart (4th)

Composition:Manganese Inosilicate