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Pendulum Board-10 Inch Awesome! Special Price!

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1/4 thick .

BIG 10 inches by 10 inches. 

Use a pendulum chart to get more detailed answers than "yes" and "no". Using a pendulum chart is a great way to get direct messages from your guides. You can receive words or sentences, or even paragraphs of written information this way. My personal first step in communication was to identify my Guides, their "names" and their roles for me in this incarnation. Through this method I have identified my Guides for health, business/finances, relationships, spiritual enlightenment, and my messenger Guide to name just a few. 
Hold the pendulum in the center position and ask one question at a time. As the pendulum swings towards a letter, write it down. If you are unsure which letter the pendulum is swinging towards, select the letters that the pendulum may be swinging towards. Then ask in turn if this was the letter your guides were selecting for your answer.
Personally, I choose two to three letters near each other that could be the correct letter, I then use my palm for "yes" and "no's" to quickly ascertain which letter is the correct choice. 





Easy to use!


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