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Mini Electric Cervical Massager Tens Neck Massager 6 Modes Portable Decompression Massageado Machine For Muscle Health Care

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This massage device works on TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) which apply electrical energy to the skin causes stimulation of the dermal nervous receptors to help muscle relax. That means our device will not cause any vibration.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is kind of practical method for acute conditions,such as renal colic or acute neuralgia.

Different with normal vibrated massage device, Tens massage neck can work on dermal nervous receptors to reach relaxation.


1.Take out the equipment from the case,Apply 2 pieces AAA batteries.

2.Place the Massage patch pads at desired areas of the body.

3.Please push switch for power on.

4.Choice mode.

5.Adjustment for output level.

6.Working time is 12 minutes per one.

7.To push switch for“OFF/DEC”button untill let lamp off. when it

doesn’t act during in working time.


Product Name: Tens electric Cervical Massager

Using Mode: A-F (6 modes)

Frequency: 1-100HZ

Working time: 12 minutes (each round)

Output: Maximun 9.8mA

Weight: 55g

Quantity: 1 pieces main device, 1 piece replaceable patch

Color: black, blue

Size: 7.5cm*15.5cm*2.5cm


The device can not vibrate!! It works by TENS.


1.The main engine dirth point and etc on the case

is cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material

and wipe it by drying cloth again.

2. Do not keep it in high or low temperatures or humidity

when storing the unit.

3.Dirt on the patch will affect the use effectr.


The device can not vibrate!! It works by TENS.

1. Chromatic aberration

Due to the shooting camera and lighting,some model pictures may havechromatic aberration,the horizontally placed pictures are toned closer tothe actual display effect.

2 Measure Weight and Lenght are allowed to be 1-2cm measurement error.