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Lemurian Quartz pack of 10

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These Lemurian Quartz crystals have been hand-picked for their high quality and powerful energy. Each pack contains three unique crystals with unique shapes and patterns, making them a must-have pack for any crystal enthusiast. Experience the benefits of these energy crystals in your daily life.

You will receive the exact (3) Lemurian Crystals foryou to explore! 

Lemurian crystals are said to have many properties, including:
  • Spiritual qualities
    Lemurian crystals are said to contain knowledge from ancient civilizations and are sought after by shamans and spiritual practitioners.
  • Emotional healing
    Lemurian Seed Quartz is said to promote emotional healing and bring peace and calm to the mind.
  • Healing
    Lemurian crystals are said to reawaken healing abilities and consciously reconnect us with ancient wisdom and past knowledge.
  • Intuition
    Lemurian Seed Crystals are said to enhance intuition and inner wisdom by connecting you to ancient and cosmic wisdom.
  • Astral projection
    Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is said to be excellent for lucid dreaming and helps access Theta consciousness, which occurs before you drift off to sleep.
  • Balance
    Lemurian crystals are said to erase feelings of detachment and bring a sense of oneness.
  • Calming
    Lemurian crystals are said to bring clarity when you hold one and meditate, and allow you to quickly enter a deep meditative state.
  • Divine femininity
    Lemurian crystals are said to carry a profound connection to Divine Feminine wisdom, and are associated with the crown and third-eye chakra.