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Lemurian Chunky Point

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Written By Liz Oakes

Lemurian quartz crystal have a truly powerful energy.

They have an excellent vibration for aiding spiritual development work.

This is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilization of Lemuria. 

This is especially true for those stones that come from the Himalayan Mountains.

Crystals from this area embody a truly spiritual vibration. 

So why do lightworkers find these crystals so fascinating? Lightworkers have received a lot of information, while using Lemurian crystals. 

More and more of these crystals are being brought to light, and the need for the average person to use them is also becoming evident. 

If you use these stones, and make a connection with them, you feel like you are being transported back to an ancient time.

Lemurian Seed Crystals: Where Are They From?

Lemurian Quartz crystal are also known as Lemurian Seed Crystals or Lemurian Star Seeds, and while the name relates to their specific structure, they can all be used for the same purpose. 

They are mainly found in the Diamantina region of Brazil although there have been more and more pieces being found elsewhere.

These locations include various areas of the Himalayas including Tibet, Russia, Zambia and the USA. Recently more Golden Healer Lemurian crystals have become available, as well the lovely green ones.

Many have a light coating of iron oxide, which may be the reason for the coloring of some specimens.

They have deep ridges on the sides, like a ladder, and this is the major characteristic that identifies them.

Who Were The Lemurians?

The Lemurian people lived on this earth in ancient times, and worked extensively with crystals.

It seems that some sort of immense misfortune overcame the Lemurian people before they disappeared from the earth.

The impressions that many folk get of the people of Lemuria, is of gentle innocent people who deeply loved the earth.

It is believed that those who lived during the time of ancient Lemuria were highly spiritual beings.

These crystals are important as it is believed that they left messages within the stones for us.