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I7mini Bluetooth Headphones 5.0 Stereo Sports Wireless Band Bluetooth Headphones

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Chip: Jellyfish 6969A2
Bluetooth version: V5.0
Headset speaker: F10 tuning 32 ohms
Bin battery capacity:402030-150 mAh
Talking time: 2H
Bluetooth pairing:i7mini
Charging port: Micro USB
Headset battery capacity:401010-30 mA
Transmission distance: 10M
Play length:2H
Bluetooth earphone link: When turned on, the red and blue lights flash alternately, and this is the pairing status mode. Turn on the phone's Bluetooth, click Search to search for the corresponding Bluetooth earphone pairing name, click on the pairing name to link


1、 Try to keep the direction of wearing headphones and phones on the same side of the body as much as possible
2、 Avoid keeping your phone in your bag. Generally speaking, canvas bags create fewer obstacles, while leather or briefcases create more obstacles
3、 When encountering similar interference situations, the Bluetooth device inside the phone can be removed, the phone can be turned off, restarted, and then paired with the Bluetooth headset again for use.
4、 The biggest thing to note when using Bluetooth earphones is the charging time of the built-in battery. The charging time for new Bluetooth earphones is between 2-3 hours, while for used ones, it is better to charge between 1-2 hours