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Grey Agate Large Ball

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Beautiful soft healing energy!! Tiny imperfection see pictures. 1/2 akilo Sphere!! 

1.1 Pound. 

Gray Agate is a common crystal found in many locations around the world.  They often wash up on beaches or can be found in riverbeds, where the water has naturally tumbled and polished them.  Some of the Agates will be a solid color, possibly translucent depending on the thickness of the stone, while others have subtle bands of light and dark gray.  Gray Agate a stone of grounding and patience.  It resonates with true “common sense,” a quality that is sometimes lacking in the modern world.  It helps us to think and act sensibly, based on reality rather than what we wish was true.  It encourages us to make sure that our “castle in the sky” dreams have a solid foundation on the good earth.