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Huge! Clear Quartz ONE OF A KIND lamp!

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approx 7 pounds of crystal from Brazil. 

The colorful quartz stones are beautiful as well as useful based on the minerals and Feng Shui positions. However, the extraordinary clear quartz brings a unique prettiness to the interior. This type of crystal is abundant in the entire universe. The clear quartz crystal contains the most diverse composition that we can use for various purposes. The history noted that the ancient times and recent societies still often use the clear crystal as the source of light. Besides, it is essential quartz that is noted as the important element of mankind evolution.

The clear crystal contains silicon and oxygen. A wide array of minerals are designed as silicate with clear quartz as the main element. With that fact, we can conclude that the crystal is the common mineral element found in granite, gneiss, and quartzite. Additionally, most sedimentary conglomerates also have the element of clear quartz.

The clear quartz gets the name by its appearance. The crystal is also famous as the rock crystal or ice crystal. The word is derived from the Greek word “krystallos”. That means ice to resemble the frozen water that is hard and pretty just like the appearance of this very stone. The crystal looks elegant with the hexagonal shape and a hardness score of 7.0 (Moh’s scale). The sides are naturally smooth due to the natural processes. Most of the time, the appearance is clear. However, we can also find the milky or striated look of the same crystal.

Here are top 9 benefits of Clear Quartz Lamp:

  • First of all, the stone will amplify the energy. The owners will get improvement in thought as well.
  • Absorb negative energy and release the positive one. That makes the stone capable to neutralize the energy inside a room. That way, the atmosphere will be better. People will enjoy the fresh air that can reduce their stress as well.
  • Drawing out pain while amplifying energy for healing
  • The crown chakra and soul star chakra is believed to be able to help improve the immune system as well.
  • Treating abusive childhood traumas.
  • Increasing intuition as well as insight, eliminating self-pity and helping to achieve ultimate potential.
  • Repairs and strengthens the biomagnetic field
  • Additionally, because of the harmony inside its feature, the stone is believed to also give a positive impact for mental, spiritual, and emotional
  • Also, though there is no scientific evidence on it, people believe that the stone can help cleansing human bodies and organs.

What are specific feng shui properties of clear quartz lamp?

Feng Shui guru says that those who keep trying to live a life with a divine purpose or passion will need to use this quartz crystal lamp. It is a good choice for a good balance in life.

Where do I place the clear quartz for good Feng Shui?

There are at least six directions or spots in which the clear quartz lamp will do the best.

  1. Place the lamp in the living room in order to get the wonderful communication flow effect.
  2. Place the clear quartz lamp in an area like a window sill.
  3. Put the clear quartz in the center of our home so we can radiate the energy easily throughout the entire rooms.
  4. Place the lamp in the wealth sector.
  5. It is good to place the lamp in the meditation space so we can absorb the positive energy during the practice.
  6. It is recommended to place the lamp in the study area because the stone is believed to help to provide clarity and quick response to the information.