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Chunky Lemurian Self Healed Wand

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Said to be programmed by an ancient mystic civilisation, Lemurian crystals are a rare font of knowledge, connecting you to their brethren across the universe. This golden variety is used specifically for their healing properties.

Lemurian crystals originate from the Sierra Do Cabral mountains in Minas Gerais, Brazil, steeped in mystic legends of an ancient advanced civilization called Lemuria. Believed to be similar to Atlantis but with advanced spirituality, they programmed their crystals with spiritual healing energies to teach those who came after them of oneness and healing.

The Lemurians ‘seeded’ them across the universe, coded with their wisdom to connecting you to all the other sites across the stratosphere. They are ‘Master’ crystals with incredible power, aiding spiritual evolution, removing energy blockages to promote healing and intense dream work. They are often discovered to have a high efficacy in efforts to establish communication with Spirit Guides and Angels and it is for this purpose they are most recommended.

Golden Healer Lemurian crystals have a coating of oxidised Iron and have intense healing properties. You can identify Lemurian crystals by the horizontal striations (similar to a barcode) running down one or more sides of the points. This is unique to Lemurian crystals. Rub your finger over the code to download their ancient knowledge.

The special “Seed” Lemurians have the horizontal striations on alternating surfaces around the sides of the point. These are rarer as they are thought to be the original crystals ‘planted’ by the Lemurians to propagate their crystals across the universe.