Bundle-Sage, Cocoxinite, Palo Santo, Cinnamon and bonus Colorado Sage!

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All bundles hand made to order  pieces may vary slightly from pictures.

Please remove the loose sage before burning and burn separately cutting it down to size  

Cacoxenite Crystal Properties

Cacoxenite is a stone of positivity and ascension, aligning us with higher spiritual realms.

The main property of Cacoxenite is its ability to enhance and improve the energy of any crystal it appears with.

Known as an ascension stone, Cacoxenite is known to raise the vibration of its owner to a higher level, promoting spiritual growth and direct contact with spiritual protectors and guides.


Cacoxenite Amethyst is known as "Super Seven" and "Melody's Stone". This semi precious gemstone material is well known as Cacoxenite or Cacoxenite Amethyst. Cacoxenite is a mineral that is an inclusion in quartz.