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Beautiful large Tangerine Quartz Cluster! 2.2pound!With Beautiful Rainbows!!

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  • Stunning energy! 
    you will feel calm
  • and peace with this Crystal cluster!

  • On top of the amplifying properties associated with clear quartz, tangerine quartz is great for helping us to experience joyfulness, a sense of lightness and playfulness into our lives.
  • Tangerine quartz fuels our creative fire and helps us create from the fresh perspective of our inner child.
  • Tangerine quartz is a great crystal to work with to ignite our sexual desire and passion.
  • Tangerine quartz is also said to help with matters of fertility.

How to Work With Tangerine Quartz

Here are some ideas on how to work with tangerine quartz in your daily life:

  • Wear a tangerine quartz point pendant.
  • Place a piece of tangerine quartz right below your belly button while meditating. As you breathe in, you can imagine a tangerine-colored light entering and opening up your 2nd chakra.
  • Place some tangerine quartz in the bedroom when the time is right to express your sexual energy.
  • Carry a piece of tangerine quartz on you when working on endeavors that involve being creative. If your work is creative in nature, some tangerine quartz near you while you work is a great idea. Remember that most true work is creative in nature, even when not associated with art in the typical sense.


Tangerine Quartz is found primarily in Brazil and Madagascar.