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Astrophyllite Polished Tower Rare!

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Approx. 4 inches

Astrophyllite is a unique and rare formation of titanium silicate. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning “star leaf” because that is what the formation looks like – a leaf or a star!

When it is embedded in another stone, you can clearly see the radiating starburst pattern caused by “spears” of the mineral radiating out from a single point.

Astrophyllite is golden-brown or bronze-coloured, and there may be slight variations in the colouration depending on the exact makeup of the metal (when I said it was titanium silicate, I was simplifying a bit).

Most Astrophyllite is found in Russia, and there have also been some deposits discovered in Norway and the United States.

However, since it is not a self-sufficient mineral (that is, it must exist inside another mineral – if it was on its own, we’d just have giant spiny rocks everywhere!) deposits are very rare and difficult to mine without damaging.

This stone also protects your psychic self, which is probably not surprising considering its shape – the pointy spears look like a stone that’s ready to go into battle for you!

Some people are surprised to learn that Astrophyllite rules the crown chakra, not the base or sacral chakras, which are what people might think of when they see a sharp, metallic, brown stone.

This is actually one of the strongest stones for developing spiritual and intellectual strength.

It will enhance your telepathic abilities and your ability to contact other people through psychic means.

It will bring you into the web of human and natural energy that enfolds the earth in a way that few other stones can achieve.

Perhaps because its shape emulates both the stars of the heavens and the leaves of the Earth, Astrophyllite has the unique ability to improve your psychic powers without diminishing your connection to the physical world.

This can be incredibly beneficial if you want to enhance your psychic abilities, but struggle with sadness or disconnectedness, and are wary of doing anything that might harm your connection to the world.

This stone is also said to help you accept your own actions, especially past actions that you regret. For this reason, crystologists often recommend it to people who are struggling with various types of addictions.

It can alleviate past guilt, and help you focus instead on the potential of your future, which is a much more productive way of dealing with your mistakes.

With its star-like energy, Astrophyllite will fill you with celestial light and positive energy.

It will not necessarily dispel negativity in the way that a stone-like obsidian does – instead, it floods you with so much light that no darkness can remain around you.

It will give you the ability to accept the negative parts of your life and then let go of them as they are drowned out by the positive.