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Rose quartz crystal: Meaning and Properties - When and How Rose Quartz Can Help.

You’re consistently hard on yourself 


Self-criticism and awareness can be a healthy and essential tool for self improvement but it can quickly become an excessive and chronic habit loop which gets in the way of objectively viewing your world and circumstances. Over time this can chip away at your self esteem and leave you feeling insecure and consistently anxious. One of the primary properties of rose quartz is its ability to build confidence through illuminating your strengths and capabilities while putting your perceived faults into context. With practice and consistent use, this often leads to an unclouded view of yourself which is significantly more constructive and healthier in the long run.

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Many of the relationships you have with close ones are strained


In order to foster open, trusting and healthy relationships with others, it’s important to make sure that your heart is primed with compassion and that your emotions are in check. It comes as no surprise that many of the conflicts we have with others stem from within. This can be dealt with by facing your own demons, insecurities and problems first. Of course, relationships of all types are a two way street but more often than not we find that working on ourselves and our ability to interact with others in an understanding and empathetic way can lead to better friendships, romantic relationships and family bonds. Using rose quartz in meditations or rituals is an excellent way to manifest both the best in ourselves and others.

After an emotionally traumatic experience


Dealing with emotional trauma or hardship is an experience that we all face throughout life. It comes in countless forms and intensities which often require different approaches to effectively heal. Rose quartz can be an excellent sidekick in this process acting as an emotional cushion to help soften the severity of an experience and help you build strength to work through the situation.