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Blue Celestite Cluster

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Any individual that has had an intimate encounter with a genuine Celestite crystal will understand what we mean when we say the stone looks like it has been designed and made by the angels. Its soft glimmer is absolutely magnetic.  Celestite truly is the multi-purpose crystal that every crystal lover should own. In fact, it is an unnegotiable staple in any beginner’s crystal collection.  

A Celestine stone has the miraculous ability to centre and ground your entire being – no matter your present state. Even if you cannot quite place your finger on what it is that feels off or amiss, Celestine will ensure that your inner world feels harmonious and balanced once again. When you are able to heal your heart and mind, your exterior world will reflect these transformative shifts. This establishes a positive feedback loop of growth, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Celestite works most closely with the third eye chakra, also known as Anja. This chakra is connected to wisdom, understanding, and elevated levels of consciousness. It also works very closely with your pituitary gland which is responsible for the regulation of serotonin – the wildly popular ‘happy hormone’.